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A signed copy of the 2019 calendar

14 artistic photos


4 high-quality posters

• Small calendar 

• Postcard with handwritten kissed message


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A collection of NEW images. 100% femininity and class.
It seems I whet your appetite last year. You told me you wanted more. Well, here it is - my exciting new calendar for 2019! Now my artistic pictures can keep you company all year round -  365 days of the year. Looking for that special gift? Look no further! Order your copy today...
2019 Calendar by Ariadna Majewska contains 14 high-quality & high-resolution images



♥ 1 signed high-quality calendar, format A3


2 double-sided high-quality posters (4 photos)

Postcard with handwritten kissed message

♥ Small calendar

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  • Is the calendar made of paper or digital?

The calendar is made of paper and will be delivered to the address you provide in the mail. If you need a digital version of the calendar and do not want the paper version, please contact me privately.

  • What are the payment methods?

You can pay via PayPal. If you have problems with PayPal, contact me via to set up a bank transfer.




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